Month: April 2021

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Venezuela’s Banana Socialism: From a Revolution to a Corrupted Oligarchy

In the last 25 years, Venezuela has walked the path from a democratic to an authoritarian state. Having been one of the richest countries in Latin America in 1998, Venezuela is now among the poorest countries in the region with 95.5% of its population below the poverty line. Can the new reforms save the Venezuelan economy and alleviate the… [Read more]

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Awash with Worries: Climate Concerns in the U.S.

Between May and June 2020, many people took a break from pandemic routines and election doomscrolling to watch the biblical fires that roared across the West Coast of the U.S. Although U.S. citizens are less concerned with environmental problems than their G20 counterparts, more and more U.S. Americans are worried about the climate, and for good reason. From urban environmental plight, unseasonable rain in the Midwest breadbasket, diminishing crop yields, and larger and more frequent hurricanes barraging the Southeast, to droughts and wildfires plaguing the Southwest – the scale of U.S. environmental and climate catastrophes in 2020 was immense.