On the ground in Ukraine- a Hertie story of kindness and courage

(Disclaimer: this episode was recorded in March 2023, a year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine)

In this episode, the Governance Post speaks to Justus von Samson (MDS 2024), who was on the ground in Ukraine offering humanitarian support soon after Russia launched its war of aggression in February 2022.

Working with the major relief provider Johanniter, Justus was part of a network operating from the Ukrainian border with Romania that went on to become one of the critical lines of non-military aid for the war-stricken country.

Speaking to us, Justus opens up about what he witnessed as a German and EU national in Ukraine: stories of grit and courage, working under missile sirens, as well as the (heartbreaking) constraints that aid workers sometimes operate in.

Views expressed by the speaker(s) do not represent the Hertie School.

Justus von Samson, a Master of Data Science candidate at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. During his undergraduate studies, he studied history and sociology focusing on eastern European history. He has been extensively involved in humanitarian projects such as building vaccination centres in Berlin on behalf of the aid provider Johanniter, and his most recent work is what brings him to the podcast

Om Marathe is a Master of Public Policy student at the Hertie School. He has been a journalist for the past four years: first as a sub-editor at The Indian Express newspaper and later as a freelance documentary filmmaker. He has also written extensively on global politics and policy.

Kaja is a Master of Public policy candidate at the Hertie School from Oslo, Norway. Her background is in political science and economics. She is particularly interested in energy policy.