UPDATE: The Governance Post Event Series – Call for Applications

UPDATE: Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, the deadline for submissions for the upcoming Governance Post Event Series has been delayed until 26 April 2020. The Hertie School’s Communications Team, in partnership with The Governance Post, continue to prepare for the Fall 2020 event as anticipated.

Hertie students often propose innovative ideas for public events with external speakers and audiences to the school’s administration. The Communications Team and the Governance Post are now partnering to select the best idea for a public event from proposals submitted by students. The Governance Post will serve as the event’s media partner. If you are a Hertie student with a great idea for a one-day event, read on!

Bidding process

Students are invited to submit their proposals to the Governance Post’s editorial team. The Governance Post will be responsible for collection, revision, and shortlisting of the proposals according to the criteria listed below. The shortlisted ideas will be discussed with the Communications team and the winning proposal will be approved by the school’s management.

Content of your proposal

  • Describe the topic and give a title to the event.
  • Explain your interest and rationale for the event.
  • Propose a date and time frame for the event (at least 8 weeks between submission and event date).
  • Describe the format: will the event be a panel discussion, a lecture, etc.?
  • Propose speakers (including links to their bios), mention their connection to the Hertie School (if applicable) and explain the role they would play in the event. It is recommended to include a second choice. Please mention where speakers are based.
  • Propose a faculty member to sponsor the event.
  • The event will be moderated by a Governance Post Editor but you are welcome to propose a co-moderator (which could be yourself).
  • Include a budget estimation for travel costs and accommodation (Limited, excludes honoraria).
  • Include your name and contact information.

Selection criteria

  • The complete event concept is submitted on time.
  • The topic matches the Governance Post’s editorial concept and the interests of the Hertie School’s students.
  • The event is ideally related to a student initiative.
  • The topic and proposed speakers promise a balanced (e.g. no propaganda), objective and respectful discussion.
  • The event concept is feasible (e.g. speakers, budget, duration of the event is max. one day).
  • Events with a commercial, advertorial or fundraising background are NOT eligible.


After the winning proposal has been selected, the event will be implemented by the Communications team in close cooperation with the successful applicant(s) and the Governance Post. The deadline for the Fall 2020 event series will be Sunday, April 26, 2020. Please send your event proposals to thegovernancepost@gmail.com. Feel free to drop us an email if you have any other questions.