The Governance Post in the New Decade: Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readership,

Firstly, I wish to thank my outgoing co-editor, Toby Bernstein, for the inspiration and support he has given me and others during this semester.

Moving forward, as Editor-in-Chief, I start the new decade with a transformative vision for The Governance Post. These changes are part of my ambition to make The Governance Post an award-winning student publication.

The Governance Post will remain a student-run publication. It will be led by an editorial board representing the three sections of the media outlet. The four-person editorial board will, of course, continue growing as a highly successful online magazine. The magazine will remain in its original online format, offering students the opportunity to showcase their writing to Hertians and future employers alike. 

However, we wish to be in keeping with the contemporary media landscape. As such we are adding long-overdue podcast and investigations teams to the Governance Post.

The Governance Post’s podcast team will release two series in 2020; 1695 and The Frontline. The 1695 podcast, named after the year of the first-ever general election, will be a post-election podcast briefing students on nationwide elections ranging from the American Presidential Election to the Taiwanese General Election. Considering the vast geographic make-up of students at Hertie, we hope that many of our readers and listeners will partake in these podcasts as guests. Under my leadership, The Frontline will be a one semester-only podcast discussing the policy and human implications of violence on communities around the globe.

The Investigations Team will produce detailed narratives on a single issue in our vibrant home-base, Berlin. 

We are also looking to engage with you, as our readership, through an email subscription service and productive discussions with the university for an end-of-semester print journal that utilises the best of your long-form work. 

I congratulate and welcome our Editorial Board: 

Deputy Editor, Investigations: Maia Hall, MPP 2021

Deputy Editor, Magazine: John Albert, MPP 2021  

Deputy Editor, Podcasts: Babatunde Williams, MPP 2021  

They will be building their teams in the coming month, please contact them if you’re interested.

Wishing you all my very best for the New Decade,

Mahima Shah Verma

Editor-in-Chief of The Governance Post

Mahima Shah Verma is a candidate for the Masters of International Affairs at the Hertie School. Her ongoing research and work focus on education and the rights and protection of children in the fields of international law, social and health policy, and peacekeeping and humanitarian action of the African Union and the United Nations. She holds a B.A. in History from the University of Southern California, specialising in oral history and photojournalism of mass violence and genocide in Europe and Central and South Asia during the 20th century. She is passionate about singing, photography, poetry, and learning and teaching languages.