DeFacto – Season 2 Episode 3: The Paradise Papers

Just over year after the release of Panama papers, a second call-to-action has arisen with the publication of the Paradise Papers, the second largest set of documents revealing offshore investments and tax planning activities of the super rich and well-known transnationals. In DeFacto’s latest episode, Dr. Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, one of the leading researchers on corruption, and MIA student Raphaëlle Arino discuss the implications of offshore finance to development and the fight against corruption around the world.

We would like to salute Valentina Caracci, Julian Lang, and Ricardo Salas for their brilliant work setting up DeFacto, the Hertie School’s new radio podcast show. You can find previous episodes here.


Valentina Caracci is a class of 2018 Master of International Affairs at the Hertie vcaracci_portraitSchool of Governance. She holds a Bachelor in International and European Studies at the University of Milan and studied at the Arctic University of Norway. She has participated in several volunteering projects around Europe and has worked passionately for the social integration of the Rom community in Milan. Her interests include constitutional law, economic policy and the challenges of European integration.

Ricardo Salas is a Mexican journalist and communicator currently studying the MPP program at the Hertie Scholl of Governance in Berlin. Before coming to Germany, Ricardo worked as a news anchor for Grupo Imagen and Excélsior, where he served as analyst, moderator and translator for all sorts of domestic and international developments. His main interests range from good governance and social policy, to pop culture and popular science.

Julian Lang is a class of 2018 Masters of International Affairs Student at the Hertie School of Governance. He has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Delaware and has interests in Security Policy and Human Rights. He is a host on the DeFacto Podcast, a member of the Hertie Social Impact Collaborative, and founded the Hertie Laughter Improv comedy group. He speaks German, English, some Arabic, and some Spanish. You can find out more about him at