David Wimsatt

Section Editor | Berlin

I am a student of Public Policy (Class of ’20) from central Texas, who received his B.A. at Trinity University (San Antonio) with a dual focus in Literature & History. Outside of the US, I have lived in Paris, France and Berlin, Germany for a total of five (well-spent!) years in Europe. In the past decade, I’ve worked a range of jobs: from roofer, landscaper, and warehouse operator, to writing center fellow, humanities T.A., and high school instructor. Similar to my educational and professional background, my research interests prove a bit broad in scope, with European and intellectual history, political economy, and international security being, perhaps, most relevant to my coursework at Hertie. Luckily, all of these subjects relate significantly to Berlin itself; so, amongst such a melting-pot of ideas and individuals, I think I might just fit right in as an editor of the Berlin page at the Governance Post.